Lendeeno – Your Online Assistant in the World of Finance

Hello and welcome to Lendeeno! This is the online platform fully dedicated to financial services and personal finance management. On Lendeeno, you can learn about all kinds of loans and investment opportunities, compare different offers and find the one which suits you best. The goal of Lendeeno is to help you make an informed and economically advantageous choice – don’t miss your chance to save time and money!


Lendeeno is created by a team of like-minded entrepreneurs who want to share their experience in fintech niche. Our vision is to build a service that is used and is helpful all around the world and we expect the Lendeeno community to grow very soon!

Why Lendeeno?

We created Lendeeno, so that it would be easier for you to navigate around the dangerous waters of loans, investments, and other financial services. Our three main goals are:

  • to create a financial tool for the average consumer without much prior knowledge and experience in financial services;
  • to create useful articles about personal finances, loan offers, and other services which might be helpful if used responsibly;
  • to make concise guides on how to save, invest etc.

Top Reasons to Learn More About Finance

One might ask, why would one need to compare dozens of offers and go into such detail? The answer is simple – the world of finance becomes even more competitive, companies are looking for bigger profits, and the economic situation in the world is far from stable.

Brexit, the China-US trade wars, warfare in the Middle East, and oncoming climate crisis – socio-political and economic upheaval can shock markets and provoke another recession or even a crisis. 

In a situation like this it is particularly important to gain the necessary knowledge and to take care of one’s finances. No one is born with the knowledge of loans, investments, mortgages, and other financial services. However, to be financially strong and get through any recessions or crisis you have to learn how to manage your finances, save money, and borrow responsibly. 

We offer a comprehensive, easy-to-use online tool which will help you to find the right lender with the best offer. Sign up to Lendeeno newsletter and learn more!

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