About us

We are a service comparison engine with a focus on finance products: loans, mortgages, investments, etc. Our goal is to help you compare different financial services and find the best offer among dozens of different options. 

Lendeeno is made by no strangers in the world of finance – our creators are entrepreneurs with a lot of experience in finances and fintech. We want to spread the knowledge and help you to make an informed, economically advantageous choice.


How we work

As a loan aggregator, we work as an information source. Here is what we do:

  • we aggregate information from lenders websites and transform it into concise, comprehensible descriptions;
  • we make loan comparison tables with various search filters so that our visitors can easily overview information;
  • we do the tedious information search work for you;
  • we save your time and help you to know more about relevant services without spending hours online.

Why choose us

The financial sector is very competitive and there are multiple companies, both banks, and non-banking institutions, offering similar-looking loans, mortgages, and investment opportunities. Most of the potential clients rarely search beyond page two of their search engines, and it’s fairly reasonable – you just can’t aggregate all available information by going from one webpage to another, so you settle with less than the best.

We turn things around and give you full access to comparison tables, which contain full information about all market players, not just the most popular ones or those who can spend more on their marketing. It’s easier to make the right choice with the big picture in mind, isn’t it?

Lendeeno is the right place to start when looking for a loan.

Try out our services and save your money!

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