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Looking for a loan, a saving fund, or a mortgage? There are dozens of different offers on the market and not one is identical to another.

In order to find the financial service with the most favorable conditions, you need to compare lots of them and Lendeeno is here to alleviate the task.

Lendeeno is a financial service comparison engine, designed specifically for people who value their time and don’t want to waste money.

We do the tedious but important work for you and aggregate information about financial services and their providers, so that you could quickly compare all the options.

We can’t make a choice for you, but we can help you make a smarter and economically advantageous decision.

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Years ago, I used to draw loan comparison tables in my notebook, but Lendeeno does it for me. It’s very easy to use and you can be sure that you won’t skip a good offer. For now, I’ve used Lendeeno to find the best consumer loan, but surely will use it in the future if I need another financial service.



Good content and easy navigable web page. I haven’t applied for a loan yet but I’ve shortlisted my Top-3 lenders via Lendeeno.



What is Lendeeno?

Lendeeno is a service comparison engine which aggregates information about loans, mortgages, investments, saving funds and other financial services. Lendeeno has many national subdivisions – by far we plan to operate in more than 35 countries.

On Lendeeno, we also share valuable information about personal finance – check out our service descriptions and blog posts and get to know the secret of a balanced budget.


Why compare financial services?

Unless you are 100% sure what type of service and service provider you want, online search for offers is inevitable. There are tons of important information on the Internet, and therefore most people hardly ever look beyond page two of their search engine. Consequently, potential clients don’t get a broad picture of the market and can’t make a truly informed choice.

Lendeeno turns things around – we aggregate the most important information about all the lenders and financial service providers in your country so that you can compare them in one place.

Compare loans on Lendeeno and get a number of benefits:

  • save your time;
  • be fully informed;
  • find the best offer;
  • save your money.

How to find the best offer?

There are no two identical loans, not even at one and the same lender. Each offer is adapted to the client’s situation, be it an interest rate, a credit ceiling, or security. This is why the best loan offer will be different for every Lendeeno user, but there is one thing we are convinced of – it will be much easier to find a suitable solution with our help.

You just need to take a few steps:

  • choose the right section (payday loans, mortgage, etc.);
  • if necessary, read the description of the service and make sure this is the one you need;
  • check out our comparison tables and shortlist the companies basing on your personal criteria (credit ceiling, borrower’s age, other terms, and conditions);
  • proceed to the webpage of every shortlisted company and look for extra information;
  • make your final choice.

Frequently asked questions

Does Lendeeno Provide Loans?

No, Lendeeno doesn’t provide any kind of loans and serves exclusively as an information source. On Lendeeno you can read about payday loans, consumer loans, mortgages, investments, and other types of financial services, compare different service providers, and get some insights on smarter and more rewarding private financial decisions.

No, Lendeeno services are available 100% free of charge. If you choose to apply for a loan after using the Lendeeno web page, you don’t have to pay a commission neither to Lendeeno, nor to the chosen lender.

The information published on Lendeeno is updated regularly. However, we can’t promise that the changes in service providers’ terms and conditions will be copied to our website immediately. This is why we strongly suggest to read all the relevant information on the service provider’s web page and only then to make a final decision.

Lendeeno can’t give you more information about financial services and service providers than is already published on our website. We get our data from publicly available sources and transform the huge amounts of information in clear and helpful comparison tables, but we don’t do any kind of private consulting.

No, it’s not necessary to register in order to use Lendeeno. You don’t have to spend your time filling in the registration form because Lendeeno doesn’t provide any kind of financial service and it doesn’t matter whether the webpage’s visitors are or aren’t registered.

It’s very easy to use Lendeeno. You just have to click on the necessary heading – consumer loans, mortgages, investments etc., – and get a look at the description of the service and the comparison tables. Or, if you already know for sure, what kind of service you need, skip the description and check out the comparison tables immediately. If you find a good offer, head over to the service provider’s web page in order to get more information and make your final decision.

Lendeeno doesn’t provide loans and doesn’t do any kind of private financial consulting. The only aim of the Lendeeno web page is providing visitors with information about loans, investments, and other financial services so that the users could make a smart and economically advantageous choice. Lendeeno isn’t responsible for the decisions of its audience and isn’t involved in any financial activities of its visitors.

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